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Mobile App Development

Whether you’re looking to build a mobile application for smartphones, tablets or both, FieldTRAKS can provide your enterprise with solutions that will meet your business requirements regardless of which device platform they are to be used with.

FieldTRAKS will work side-by-side with your team from project design through development, testing and on-going support to ensure your project is a success.     Projects can range from task specific standalone apps through to Enterprise scale applications hosted in the cloud.

As an innovative mobile application development company, FieldTRAKS has extensive experience in creating customer driven and GIS centric, hybrid and native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.    As experts at HTML5 development, FieldTRAKS focuses on cross-platform mobile applications that will work on any device or platform.

FieldTRAKS utilizes an agile development methodology where the client is continually involved in all phases of application design and testing ensuring that our projects meet the intended business needs, deadlines and budgets.    

We utilize the leading development and mapping JavaScript frameworks including jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout, MapBox and OpenLayers to deliver professional looking and intuitive apps that provide a positive user experience.    Through the Telerik Platform we give you the choice of deploying your mobile app in a private app store or public app stores including Apple App Store and Google Play.

Application Profile Builder

We get your application rolling quickly with our custom development tools.

Profile Builder

FieldTRAKS Profile Builder

PROFILE BUILDER is a Rapid Application Development framework created by FieldTRAKS to construct and convert a physical data model of the project requirements into application ready code that will generate the backbone of the mobile application.

The SQL, Javascript and HTML5 code generated by Profile Builder contains all the elements required to assemble a basic record keeping application.

The code libary is then extended using JavaScript to meet specific business requirements.

We can also leverage the power of the Telerik Platform to convert you app into iOS, Android and Windows native apps.

Physical Data Model

Object Model
Define a hierachy of spatial and/or non-spatial objects such as Farm, Fields, Storage Bins, etc.
Define the actions or activities that are associated with each object.   These are the records that will be collected and reported.   e.g., Record a               .
Data Properties
Record the data properties for each object and activity.   These are the attributes that will be collected and may be of different data types such as numbers, text, geometry and files/images.
Dependent Lists
Flag any data properties that will utilize drop-down data lists and identify any dependent lists.   The system will construct the tables to contain the list content including the dependent relationships.
Profile Builder