About Us

Our History

In 2003, Dave Branson and Matt Fraser first met to explore open standard technology that could be used for creating and displaying geographic data over the web.   Their work led to the development of a SVG authoring toolkit that provided customizable map window controls and worked with WMS imagery servers.


Their work brought them to Missouri where they were asked to develop a web-based mapping application that would help provide traceability of applied products on soybeans and other crops.   The project was successful and soon there were requests to modify the application to meet the requiremments of other Growers and Agri-businesses.

They soon realized that a single application would not support these diverse requirements which included seed inspection, contract management, crop insurance and customization for different crop commodities.   Their solution was to design an application framework that would automatically adjust the entire application interface based on User Profiles maintained in a cloud database.

Since that time they have continued to develop an application development framework for the rapid development of mobile and cloud data collection applications.   The Profile Builder application streamlines the initial construction and maintenance of applications by automatically generating the SQL, Javascript and HTML5 that forms the backbone of the application.